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How to create the best work?

Both good actors and a well written script are essential to leave the cinema satisfied and happy to have gone to watch a movie. The entry seems even cheap when the movie has made us laugh and have a good time, we have got goose bumps or it has made us drop a tear.

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Same happens with cakes and pastry creations that you offer to your customers. Both are essential good quality and fresh ingredients, and creativity, art and the artistic vocation of a good artisan baker. As with good actors and script were getting a good film, with good raw materials and pastry art and discipline are able to offer real pieces of art.

As if it was a play, the stories and traditions that we still retain behind some sweet pastry make those sweets become magical. And they give surprises to those who decide to eat them.

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It is easy to differentiate the industrial bakery from the artisan one for different aspects: creativity, originality, taste, texture, flavor, smell and freshness; and most of those differences is due to the type of raw material used.

Comercial Montsec, despite having a wide range of products, is an innate driver of using fresh dairy products (dairy cream, butter, quark and cream cheese). Comercial Montsec intends to help to survive the artisan bakery that does not produce two identical works, which feels its vocation on the palate and which works with quality products and has good taste.

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And pastry is not simply a gastronomic pleasure but it represents much more. The cakes bring us connotations that either at the time of purchase, when eating or when thinking about them and remember them, evoke us celebration, joy, party…

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Comercial Montsec believes that if we are able to work together to create the same work, to please the same customer and to defend and preserve our history; linking it to the new trends and innovative spirit, our pieces of art will be by far the most desirable.


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