Trends in 2017

After contrasting different opinions and reading everything that is said on the net, we could talk about the following trends that affect us and should be taken into account for this year.

Aspirations for healthy lifestyles that are booming. People in general try to carry a diet based on vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains abound … Every time we see more fake pasta, whether made from vegetables, such as pumpkin or zucchini spaghetti or gluten-free noodles of chickpeas, quinoa, etc. We follow a tendency to eat less pasta and eat more vegetables. In Barcelona, there are more and more vegetarian, vegans or flexitarians (who do eat fish). For that reason, it has increased the offer of options in the menus as the number of restaurants with these ideologies at the time of eating. The dishes that we started to see and that stand out from the view, is the replacement of the chips, for healthy chips of sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, kale … or the option of dehydrated vegetables as a mid-morning snack.

kale chips Plants are also gaining importance. We eat many healthy herbal foods that offer a good taste as well as detox foods, which serve to purify the body after overeating. Sugar-free products are also in fashion. More and more people drink carbonized drinks without sugar than sugared. This reality justifies the fact that taking care does not mean turning away from pleasure. The light options, with less fat, or 0% fat, are booming options, which allow us to continue to enjoy pleasant products with less fat and therefore more healthy and healthy for our body.

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The microbiota, known as microflora is the set of microorganisms that are located in a normal way in the intestines. The important thing here is to know which ingredients to eat so that these function properly and we take advantage of this ingredients to the maximum. For that reason, facing 2017 will be important food: prebiotics, probiotics, fermenting and non-fermentable fiber, starch resistant … and its benefits for our body. Examples would be dishes with kefir, sauerkraut, miso, kombucha tea, etc. which are foods that help our microbiota to absorb vitamins and to have a better digestion.

Sustainability is also a subject of great concern to today’s society and is increasing. People are worried about eating seasonal products, respecting the environment and there is a social conscience about global food waste and there is a lot of predisposition to try to avoid it.

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Breakfasts are very important. These must be original and complete and away from traditional toast with jam or turkey. The hashtags with the word breakfast are soaring in instagram and in addition, more and more people have joined the fashion of brunch, a fusion of breakfast and lunch. These include eggs, sauces, vegetables, dairy …


The new technologies also go hand in hand with these changes and with the trends facing this year 2017, since it is inevitable not to be influenced by the possibility of buying online at any time, for the diversity of opinions published on social networks or the images that hang in instagram and its hashtags.


What do you think about it?

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