With the environment

In Commercial Montsec we always consider reducing the burden of waste involves the packaging of all products we manufacture and sell.

So much so that, in March 1999, saw recognized our commitment to respect the environment, receiving 1 gold star courtesy of Barcelona Techno Food, in the section on raw materials for our butter portions ecological packaging, a new and unique concept, the product with a system that reduces waste and commitment to environmental sustainability.

With the quality of our products

In Commercial Montsec offer high quality fresh products and we select the best raw materials for processing and manufacturing.

In addition, we control and analysis in our laboratory on a daily basis in order to ensure the best quality of our products.

With you

From Commercial Montsec want to know what you want, what you need, how we can provide better service or how you think we could help more. Give us your opinion.

We also offer advice and seek answer any questions you have. We do not only offer our products, we offer everything in our power to make your business run better. Let's do it together!