Ten gastronomic destinations

All or almost all tourist destinations have something special in their cusine, but we can not deny that there are some destinations that stand out above others and we could almost say their cuisine is worthier than their monuments. So ten of the dining destinations as we have seen the Lonely Planet ranks among the 12 best in the world, are the following ones:


Barra_de_pintxos_Donosti_07 San Sebastian has its pintxos. Pintxos there, have become art. Often they are named as haute cuisine in miniature; because it is an explosion of flavor over bread that jaw-dropping anyone. In addition, visitors who come for the first time are amazed to see the variety of pintxos in the bars above the center of Donosti.


Foie gras French cuisine is renowned for its variety and refinement, which is currently considered one of the most important cuisines in the world. Its main products are butter, cheese, tomatoes, herbs, meats, pork, sausages, etc. and, above all, the vegetables, the famous foie gras, seafood and truffles.
Everyday food is however simple: the famous and delicious croissant accompanied by a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee, fish soup, stews or the most varied tasty apple pie.


Scotch_whiskies The Anglo-Saxons did not show up in the food guides, but they have a reputation for knowing how to drink distilled. In Scotland, the national drink is whiskey, which has been producing for over 500 years and has even become a powerful tourist attraction. Scotland has five regions involved in the production of whiskey, so the variety of whiskeys to choose from is huge. Each is characterized by a flavor and own personality. Some are sweet and fruity, other softer and grassy, ​​and others are characterized by a salty seawater note. It is no exaggeration when it is said that there is an ideal for each whiskey, just have to find it!


Flickr_-_cyclonebill_-_Rå_rejer_med_tang,_rabarber_og_urter Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, currently holds the world summit of the finest cuisine thanks to an unprecedented 17 Michelin stars restaurants concentrated in a city. Now, the Danish words Nordisk Mad (Nordic food) are a symbol of distinction and mark the latest trend in the world of haute cuisine.


Staropramen cerveceria rep txeca The Czechs boast of having the best pivo (beer) in the world and we are not going to argue that. One of their sayings is “where beer is produced, life is good,” so that in Prague, should be very good, because it is a city full of all sizes breweries. While the Czech beer has enjoyed a reputation for its quality and taste since the creation of the Pilsner Urquell in 1842, in recent times there has been a resurgence of craft microbreweries.


marraqueix especies The Moroccan cuisine is, without any doubt, one of the aspects of the country that best represents it because, as it possesses an enormous wealth and diversity, because of the multitude of cultural exchanges produced throughout its history. It flavored with ingredients from the Berber culture, Arab and Mediterranean, it is a unique cuisine in which the simplicity and refinement in its preparation is joined by the combination of salty and sweet flavors and intensive use of spices and condiments. We remark the tea as the drink of choice by Moroccans and one of the largest representatives of its cuisine and culture. Because accept an invitation to take tea is being led by a ritual in which converge simplicity and a philosophy of life unique in the world.


QueVerEnEstambul-Mezeleri Turkish cuisine is well known for its wide variety of dishes and excellent combination of spices and herbs. Turkish dishes not only have an extremely appetizing appearance, but also a variety of ingredients that facilitates endlessly change the preparation and taste of the dishes. Throughout Turkey and especially in Istanbul, people drink Turkish beer, although there are also red and white wines of high quality.



While the sushi is the quintessential Japanese dish, Japanese cuisine is much more than “raw fish”.
In Tokyo you can enjoy the best Japanese cuisine. They have an amazing variety of dishes and also different budgets. The attention to detail, the genius of the presentation and the constant use of the best product result in an unforgettable cuisine.


vietnam The Vietnamese cuisine is known for its widespread use of fish sauce, soy sauce and hoisin sauce (its scent provides a unique character to the dishes). The recipes of dishes from Vietnam use many vegetables, herbs and spices, some of them as lemon grass, lime and kaffir lime leaves. Across all regions the emphasis is always on serving fresh food: chefs go to market twice a day to find vegetables and the resulting dishes offer unparalleled combinations of flavors and textures. For the Vietnamese, in all food must be balance between sweet and sour, crunchy and silky textures and between fried and steam: an art.

10) PERU

peru Peruvian cuisine, considered one of the most privileged of the world, inherited from history wit, miscegenation and taste. The fusion cuisine is due to cultural exchange over time, which include the immigration Spanish, African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian. The variety of dishes was born as miscegenation growing or while migrants arrived at the port of Callao. Miscegenation highlights the unique “anticucho de corazón”, while the “tacu-tacu” “and “carapulcra” have African heritage. Nutritious pasta comes from Italian migrants, whose adaptations resulted homemade dishes like green or red noodles. The “ceviche” dish born from the merger with Japanese cuisine.

If what you want this summer is to eat very well, you just have to choose between all this destinations!


Happy summer!

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