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Dishes and products in October

After spring and the expected summer, autumn may seem a rather sad season, with the arrival of the rain and the disappearance of many fruits and vegetables typical of previous seasons.

In addition, the most the least, the results of the excesses faces in their diet during the holidays and October becomes the ideal month to rebalance the weight.

It is for this reason that must adapt restaurant menus to customers’ needs.

Luckily, october allows us to add to our plates many vegetables, which will facilitate the work.

Let’s see what products are suitable for adding to daily menus in October and also facilitate the desire and need for customers to return to their ideal weight.

Some suitable products would be:

Eggplants. They are collected in October. They are high in fiber, provide folic acid, B1 vitamin and they are very low in sodium.


Chard and spinach. They are the two classic leaf used in hot Spanish cuisine. They have their splendor in autumn and winter. Besides the above, spinach are rich in A, C, E and K vitamins and B1, B2 and B6, as well as they have antioxidant properties.


Grapes. They accompany fine partridge or chicken, besides being very useful for any kind of dessert.

Stuffed chicken rolls

Pomegranates. They are ideal for dessert or to enliven salads.


Apples and pears. Many of their best varieties are typical of autumn. Infinite variety of desserts with them.


Pumpkin. Soft and sweet is a versatile fruit that can be the main ingredient (or not) of soups, rice, pasta and stews.

Chestnuts. Roasted or cooked, alone they are the most typical choice. They should be treated with consideration when mixed with other foods. Example: chestnut soup with ham.


In addition, when the first rains start mushrooms and truffles appear, two very useful products to accompany any dish or garnish.


We encourage you to use seasonal products in your menus and offer to your customers what they need and want. Sure they appreciate it!


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