Who do we serve?
We are a company destined to bakeries and foodservice industry. We do not serve individuals.
When are you going to receive your order?
The capital cities of Madrid and Barcelona and their metropolitan areas are the areas in which we offer direct service and in most cases daily. In the other regions, our dealers will be those who will determine delivery dates.
Do we export all our products?
No. All products manufactured by Comercial Montsec are likely to be exported, but the ones we distribute to our customers, to offer a better service and savings in terms of management, we can`t export.
Which are our export conditions?
For an export process is essential to make a bank transfer in advance before picking up the product at our facility.
Why do you have to subscribe to our newsletter?
Because we aim to contact you to inform you of our new products, advertise and share with you the new posts on our blog and to communicate promotions and offers.
Why do we ask you to collaborate on the blog?
Because we want to turn it into a channel of communication for all industry professionals, resolve questions, and help and solve problems, and you are the key to make it possible.