We are on JUNE and the summer comes with it.

Here comes the summer. And with it comes the good weather, longer days, more light during the day, more sun and also more heat.

Overall we all have better mood, we want to go out, we all eat ice creams, we like going to have dinner out, have a drink on a terrace…

But … and how all these changes are experienced from the professionals, from who works in a restaurant?

Many restaurants when approaching summer season also have to make changes.

Here are some.

Changes in the menu and the products they offer.

Restaurants usually have two menus, one for the cold season and another for when it’s hot. Clearly there are dishes that crave more in winter than in summer and vice versa. In summer we usually opt for lighter and less heavy meals.


Changes in relation to number of workers.

Depending on where it is located the restaurant will close in August or it will require more people on staff. If your restaurant is located on a tourist area, as in summer people tend to travel more, it will be noticed. Consequently, if we add that local people want to go more often, undoubtedly this situation involves a need for having a bigger number of waiters.

Changes of management and organization.

In the case of restaurant located in a tourist area that needs to increase the number of workers, will also have to find the time to teach them the standards, rules and how the restaurant goes and this new workers should also find the time to adjust, memorize and internalize the new operations, rules and the menu (allergens, sauces, how to cook the dishes …).

Space changes.

There will be other restaurants that feature a terrace only in summer. The new area of ​​work will involve a new organization, a responsible of the area, and a new coordination between the other areas, the terrace and the kitchen.


Changes in schedules and decoration.

Many bars in summer have a longer timetable because people go out to dinner later without timetables and unhurried. So cooking times can also be extended. Finally, the decoration can be adapted to the season and this will make it even more attractive for customers.

We see that the changes are for everyone, ones see the summer as a season to relax, have fun and enjoy in the terraces but for others means more work, dedication and organization.

It is very interesting to see things from different perspectives.

So… Let’s start enjoying the summer and … let’s to innovate and work!

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