Cheese cake with blueberries

For blueberry coulis:

250 gr. pulp blueberries
100 gr. sugar
5 leaves of gelatine

For the cream cheese:
200 gr. MONTSEC 35% fat cream 
90 gr. liquid yolks
400 gr. MONTSEC pasteurized extrafat cheese
600 gr. semi-mounted cream
90 gr. sugar

1. COULIS. Boil the flesh of blueberries with sugar and leave to cool to 60°C. Add the gelatine leaves, soaked and drained previously. Fill the mold 1cm. high. Freeze.
2. CREAM CHEESE. Make a cream with the egg yolks and cream and cool. Add cream cheese and incorporate semi-mounted cream with sugar.
3. Put a layer of cream cheese on each cup. Over it, put a disc of blueberry coulis and cover the entire surface with the cream.

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