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Summer cakes

Summer cakes are one of the dishes more desirable and well-tasted of the summer. It is a perfect way to eat a single dish and there are lots of possible combinations of ingredients. In addition, if it is cold, you have the advantage that you can let the dishes beforehand.

Most summer cakes are made with bread; a slice of bread as a base layer, the ingredients chosen over it and then another slice of bread and so on.
We suggest some options to give you ideas and then you can tell us how much they have succeeded in your business. Continue reading


Chocolate and cheese truffles

1 k. MONTSEC pasteurized extrafat cheese
200 gr. brandy
500 gr. chocolate coverage
40 gr. grain of chocolate Continue reading


Cheese cake

100 gr. MONTSEC butter
100 gr. icing sugar
900 gr. pasteurized full fat cheese MONTSEC
6 eggs
350 gr. 35% fat cream
150 gr. starch
250 gr. egg whites 
250 gr. sugar Continue reading


Cheese cream

1 k. MONTSEC pasteurized extrafat cheese
400 gr. MONTSEC 35% fat cream
200 gr. sugar
1 vanilla pod
100 gr. starch
50 gr. water
60 gr. of liquid egg Continue reading


Cheese cake with blueberries

For blueberry coulis:

250 gr. pulp blueberries
100 gr. sugar
5 leaves of gelatine

For the cream cheese:
200 gr. MONTSEC 35% fat cream 
90 gr. liquid yolks
400 gr. MONTSEC pasteurized extrafat cheese
600 gr. semi-mounted cream
90 gr. sugar Continue reading


Lemon mousse with cheese base

450 gr. pasteurized yolk
1,250 k. sugar
450 gr. water
2.5 k. MONTSEC pasteurized full fat cheese 
50 sheets of gelatin
500 gr. lemon juice
3k. MONTSEC semi-mounted cream 35% fat Continue reading


Cheese and nuts desserts

1 k. MONTSEC pasteurized extra fat cheese 
15 sheets of gelatin 
200 gr. MONTSEC 35%. fat cream
100 gr. honey 
1 l.  MONTSEC 35% fat semi-mounted cream
150 gr. sugar 
400 gr. toasted walnuts Continue reading


Cheese puding

375 gr. of 35% fat MONTSEC cream
125 gr. milk
125 gr. sugar
6 eggs
250 gr. pasteurized full fat cheese Continue reading


Cheese and peach mousse

800 gr. MONTSEC pasteurized full fat cheese
120 gr. pasteurized egg whites
360 gr. sugar
100 gr. peach syrup
14 sheets of gelatin
300 gr. of peaches (chopped)
1 k. MONTSEC 35% fat semi-mounted cream Continue reading

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