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Cottage cheese pie with berries

Cheesecake with plums


250 gr. MONTSEC quark
2 natural yoghurts
100 gr. sugar
200 gr. custard
60 gr. corn starch
100 gr. of MONTSEC 35% fat cream
4 egg yolks
250 gr. pitted prunes in contreau
60 gr. sugar
1 tablespoon salt
300 gr. Semi-mounted egg whites Continue reading

Montsec Passtissers del gremi (28)

Walnut chantilly soufflé


125 gr. sugar and 2 gr. salt
250 gr. MONTSEC butter
40 gr. milk
425 gr. flour

Cream Cheese
200 gr. of MONTSEC 35% fat cream
140 gr. of milk and 60 gr. sugar
40 gr. MONTSEC butter
60 gr. cornstarch
60 gr. milk
200 gr. MONTSEC quark
40 gr. egg whites Continue reading

Montsec Passtissers del gremi (94)

Crispy quark mousse with Moscatel


320 gr. Sugar 
2 gr. salt 
320 gr. of MONTSEC butter
160 gr. of yolk 
450 gr. flour 
30 gr. of driving
Cold cream cheese 
500 gr. of MONTSEC quark cheese
200 gr. Sugar 
100 gr. of Moscatel wine 
18 gr. gelatin 
500 gr. MONTSEC 35% fat cream  Continue reading

Brownies de queso

Let’s innovate!

Welcome to everybody!

Today we open up our blog and the first thing we want to say is that we hope it is going to be a shared space for all of us. Our intention is to create a bidirectional communication channel at your disposal, and that you comment, write posts, ask questions and help us to give it shape and direction!

Nowadays, it is seemed that being innovative leads to victory, so let’s see if we know how to surprise and we’re lucky.

Here’s our first suggestion for the more daring. Let’s surprise! Continue reading

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