Last month to eat ice cream?

Ice creams can be desserts all around the year. Although many ice cream shops open only in summer, in supermarkets can still find ice cream all year and even in restaurants and bars can be ordered as a dessert nearly always.
And although the vast majority have associated the ice cream to an overload of calories and that to take it in winter not go well for our throat, a recent study shows the opposite.
A US study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that eating ice cream daily does not necessarily mean to gain weight. Moreover, it is also said that it helps strengthen our bone mass and controlling our blood pressure
We see that there are many publications that talk about the benefits of ice cream. We will highlight a few to see if so, we formalize eat ice cream all year.

Important source of vitamin B, minerals, sugars and proteins with high biological value. If we are able to eat reasonable portions of ice cream, we see that this will provide us beneficial nutrients for our body. Increasingly ice creams tend to be made of fruit to increase its nutritional properties, making them even healthier.
Source of calcium. Obviously, lead calcium yogurt and milk ice cream, not ice. Calcium is also very important to keep our bones strong. It is said that a serving of ice cream covers the 15% of the daily amount minimum recommended.

The handmade ice creams are low in fat, so you do not get as much fat as you think.

Ice creams help to heal and reduce inflammation in the tonsils.

Ice creams, sorbets and ice drinks made of mostly water (between 80% and 90%), refresh us and moisturize us.
Ice creams bring us happiness cause some of its components are chocolate, casein or sugars and they produce hormones of pleasure called endorphins.
If ice creams have many benefits and everybody likes them, why do we eat them only in summer?

You know guys, let’s innovate!

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