Cheese and nuts desserts

1 k. MONTSEC pasteurized extra fat cheese 
15 sheets of gelatin 
200 gr. MONTSEC 35%. fat cream
100 gr. honey 
1 l.  MONTSEC 35% fat semi-mounted cream
150 gr. sugar 
400 gr. toasted walnuts

1. Soak (cold water) leaves gelatin. 
2. Heat the cream and honey without exceeding 60°C and melt gelatine leaves (well dried) inside. 
3. Incorporate the cheese mixture. Mix everything with cream. Add semi-mounted cream, to which we added 150 g. sugar, mixing gently. Finally, add the nuts. 
4. Fill the molds and freeze. 
5. Decoration. Remove the pieces of the mold, sprinkle with a little honey and smooth the surface with cold gel. Put some detail coverage and caramelized walnuts.

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