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Summer cakes

Summer cakes are one of the dishes more desirable and well-tasted of the summer. It is a perfect way to eat a single dish and there are lots of possible combinations of ingredients. In addition, if it is cold, you have the advantage that you can let the dishes beforehand.

Most summer cakes are made with bread; a slice of bread as a base layer, the ingredients chosen over it and then another slice of bread and so on.
We suggest some options to give you ideas and then you can tell us how much they have succeeded in your business.
For example, cold cake that combines roasted bread, made roasted meats (red pepper, eggplant, onion) egg, tuna, tomato sauce and olives, tuna and tomato pie, cold salmon cake or tuna’s cake with lettuce, olives, egg and rose sauce, etc.

There are also other types of cakes, the puddings of vegetables for example, that their base are made of cooking cream or eggs and it is also taken cold or at room temperature. For example, the green and white asparagus cake, vegetables and cheese pudding or zucchini and shrimp puding.

Another very important thing is that these dishes help to prevent suffering heavy digestion or indigestion because they tend to be soft and light dishes and people try to avoid this sensation.

We recommend that one: Green and white asparagus puding

375 gr. of 35%m.g. MONTSEC cooking cream
125 gr. of milk
6 eggs
250 gr. of corn flour
250 gr. of pasteurized extrafat MONTSEC cheese
1 bunch of green asparagus
1 can of white asparagus

1. Boil the cream, milk, the flour and a pinch of pepper in a pot.
2. When the mixture boils, throw eggs and go slowly.
3. Stir in the cheese and the green and white asparagus, previously mashed.
4. Pour the mixture into a mold greased with butter.
5. Cooking for 20-30 minutes.
6. Unmold and serve warm or cold, served with a mayonnaise or a tomato vinaigrette.

¡We hope you like it and your clients too!

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