This month we will see the 10th edition of the INTERSICOP

From 13 to 16 April Intersicop will be held in Madrid, an International Exhibition of Bakery, Confectionery and Allied Industries in which the latest trends in our market will be exposed. The purpose is to show how the traditional bakery can complement the new restoration formulas. Intersicop advocates a new type of establishment in which besides the sale of bread, other products you can eat in situ become available. So, space is given to other sectors such as ice cream, chocolate, pizza, etc.

Three years have passed since the last Intersicop, which has generated great excitement in business and professional circles. During this time, companies have developed new products and technologies that will be the real stars of Intersicop 2015, showing the innovative capacity and the considerable efforts in R+D+I of this industry.

At the same time, the Intersicop is designed a full program of technical activities and workshops, as Best Artisan Confectioner of Spain and the National Youth bakers Championships, organized by the Spanish Confederation of Employers of Pastry.

We will be attending as exhibitors the 4-day fair; specifically in pavilion 9, stand number 9G08. We encourage you to participate or to visit us at our pavilion!


bcn gluten free

Barcelona in March will become the national and European gluten free capital

The 28th, 29th and 30th of March will be the BCN Gluten Free exhibition, the first spanish exhibition devoted exclusively to gluten-free products and diet, the main ingredient of the stability of flour. This exhibition will be held at the International Convention Centre (CCIB), a plot of more than 4.000m2.


This fair will be attended by producers, doctors, journalists and chefs and there will be the latest gluten-free cooking demonstrations and talks by experts, manufacturers and engineers.

The BCN Gluten Free is supported by the Celiac Association of Catalonia, the Federation of Associations of Celiac in Spain (FACE) and the Association of Celiac and Gluten Sensitive of Madrid.

The Federation of Celiac in Spain says that every day there are more manufacturers that offer gluten-free products, but still a long way to go. It is estimated that 1% of the Spanish population is celiac and one of the main demands of this part of the population is that gluten-free products become cheaper. Sometimes, a gluten-free product can double its price compared to one that does contain gluten.

So, the challenge is, a part from being trendy, trying to offer a solution to this part of the population.

Good lucky! Let’s innovate!


Recent development in the field of hotels and caterings

On December 13, entered into force the new law of EU Regulation 1169/2011 which obliges restaurants to provide information about allergens of all the food they serve. For this reason, is very important that all professionals involved in the process have a good training to prevent cross contamination problems.


People who have an intolerance or allergy may suffer serious consequences in the case of ingesting traces (tiny pieces) of the product to which they are allergic to and that sometimes happens for cross-contamination or mishandling of food.

Therefore it is not enough that workers are informed and to inform customers of the dishes they can eat and the ones they can’t. It is necessary professionals become formed so that there is no possibility of contamination of the dishes served or mishandling of products that serve to the intolerant or allergic person who is eating out of home.

We hope you are being adapted to the new way of doing and that your customers are more than satisfied with your efforts.

Here are some links that we think they can be helpful:
How to design a menu showing allergens without losing style?

Good luck guys!


Happy new year!

Hello friends!

We wish you a happy 2015 entrance and we really thank you that all of you continue with us.

We hope that holidays with your relatives have been great and that there have been many gifts and many sweets. Continue reading


Chocolate and cheese truffles

1 k. MONTSEC pasteurized extrafat cheese
200 gr. brandy
500 gr. chocolate coverage
40 gr. grain of chocolate Continue reading


Cheese cake

100 gr. MONTSEC butter
100 gr. icing sugar
900 gr. pasteurized full fat cheese MONTSEC
6 eggs
350 gr. 35% fat cream
150 gr. starch
250 gr. egg whites 
250 gr. sugar Continue reading


Cheese cream

1 k. MONTSEC pasteurized extrafat cheese
400 gr. MONTSEC 35% fat cream
200 gr. sugar
1 vanilla pod
100 gr. starch
50 gr. water
60 gr. of liquid egg Continue reading


Cheese cake with blueberries

For blueberry coulis:

250 gr. pulp blueberries
100 gr. sugar
5 leaves of gelatine

For the cream cheese:
200 gr. MONTSEC 35% fat cream 
90 gr. liquid yolks
400 gr. MONTSEC pasteurized extrafat cheese
600 gr. semi-mounted cream
90 gr. sugar Continue reading


Lemon mousse with cheese base

450 gr. pasteurized yolk
1,250 k. sugar
450 gr. water
2.5 k. MONTSEC pasteurized full fat cheese 
50 sheets of gelatin
500 gr. lemon juice
3k. MONTSEC semi-mounted cream 35% fat Continue reading


Cheese and nuts desserts

1 k. MONTSEC pasteurized extra fat cheese 
15 sheets of gelatin 
200 gr. MONTSEC 35%. fat cream
100 gr. honey 
1 l.  MONTSEC 35% fat semi-mounted cream
150 gr. sugar 
400 gr. toasted walnuts Continue reading