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Merry christmas and happy holidays

Dear friends,

We’re in the final stretch to the end of the year, close to those days when we celebrate 2015 has finished and 2016 starts.

A few days of peace, dedicated to be with those we love and to open some gifts!
In addition, Christmas include the dates on which we get fat, unzip a button to continue eating and we eat lots of candies.
Good time to innovate and provide your customers irresistible sweets to buy as a dessert or just buy them as fancy gift.

We wish you happy holidays, a very good entry to 2016 and our best wishes for peace, health and love to you and your relatives.
Let’s innovate!


Tripadvisor, a very powerful tool for restoration

In recent years, the opinion of others when choosing a holiday destination, a brand of sneakers, a hotel or a restaurant has become the most powerful tool of all.
With social networks, self publishing content in forums and blogs, these views are expanded and they reach worldwide.

Tripadvisor is a web platform that is based on collecting and organizing all content generated only by users free of charge related to travel, hotels and restaurants.

Tripadvisor is a powerful query tool and that determines people’s choice. It is for this reason that it is extremely important to appear on TripAdvisor and try to be in a privileged position with good reviews.


Let’s give a few tips to get it: Continue reading


Alls Hallows Eve is getting closer, chestnuts and panellets, do we have any alternatives?

The first of November is Alls Hallows Eve, a day dedicated to the memory of dead people. The nights are long, it gets a little colder, the leaves fall from the trees and nature in general is dead. It is for this reason a time of year that reminds death and in which a variety of cultures, remembering the dead. Continue reading


Last month to eat ice cream?

Ice creams can be desserts all around the year. Although many ice cream shops open only in summer, in supermarkets can still find ice cream all year and even in restaurants and bars can be ordered as a dessert nearly always.
And although the vast majority have associated the ice cream to an overload of calories and that to take it in winter not go well for our throat, a recent study shows the opposite.
A US study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that eating ice cream daily does not necessarily mean to gain weight. Moreover, it is also said that it helps strengthen our bone mass and controlling our blood pressure
We see that there are many publications that talk about the benefits of ice cream. We will highlight a few to see if so, we formalize eat ice cream all year.
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Summer cakes

Summer cakes are one of the dishes more desirable and well-tasted of the summer. It is a perfect way to eat a single dish and there are lots of possible combinations of ingredients. In addition, if it is cold, you have the advantage that you can let the dishes beforehand.

Most summer cakes are made with bread; a slice of bread as a base layer, the ingredients chosen over it and then another slice of bread and so on.
We suggest some options to give you ideas and then you can tell us how much they have succeeded in your business. Continue reading


I spanish Artisan Tea Biscuits Competition

On Friday 20th, after four hours of deliberation it was decided that the Sachertorte cookie of Hofmann pastry from Barcelona was the winner of the first contest of the best tea biscuit (Spain 2015).


The jury was composed by Paco Torreblanca, Ramon Morato (director of the Chocolate jury Academy of Barcelona and author of Chocolate), Oriol Balaguer (Oriol Balaguer Pastries in Barcelona), Carles Mampel (Bubo in Barcelona), Yann Duytsche (Dolç Patisserie in Sant Cugat del Valles), Olivier Fernandez (director of School of Confectionery Guild of Barcelona), Jose Romero (teacher of School of Pastry Guild of Barcelona), Llarás Joaquin (Quim pa! in Vilanova), Enric Navarro (specialized on tea biscuits) and Manel Fernandez (technical advisor in Dulcypas magazine) and they said about the winning tea biscuit that it stood out for its balance between adjusted flavor and exceptional performance and finish.

The members of the jury did a blind tasting of 150 types of artisan tea biscuits that play in the competition.

Ortuño Eric Mey Hofmann and were responsible for collecting the prize.


Here you have a video made by the Vilbo Publishing, the organizer of the contest, in which we can listen to some members of the jury and the event summarized. Do not miss it!


Congratulations to the winner and to all others who participated. This is the spirit.

As we always say, let’s keep innovating!



We are on JUNE and the summer comes with it.

Here comes the summer. And with it comes the good weather, longer days, more light during the day, more sun and also more heat.

Overall we all have better mood, we want to go out, we all eat ice creams, we like going to have dinner out, have a drink on a terrace…

But … and how all these changes are experienced from the professionals, from who works in a restaurant?

Many restaurants when approaching summer season also have to make changes.

Here are some. Continue reading

dont forget

4 tips for managers of bakeries and patisseries

Today we will remind four Tips for caring for and get good results with your business.

1. Show interest in their customers.
Must have a good database of your customers. Should collect information of interest to use them and offer products that meet their expectations, needs or tastes. In not doing so, they are missing a great opportunity to know their customers. For example, knowing the anniversary date customer, you can send congratulations or a small detail that date as indicated. Must create a good strategy to order these data we are talking to customers. Encourage clients to fill your data and reward workers get more customers fill the data.

tención Continue reading