Montsec Passtissers del gremi (49)

Quark cakes with fruits


184 gr. MONTSEC quark
276 gr. MONTSEC butter
280 gr. brown sugar and 1 gr. salt
180 gr. egg
100 gr. milk
85 gr. rice flour and 375 gr. flour
15 gr. baking powder


Recipe basis to match any kind of fruit and/or nuts.
1. Beat the cheese together with the butter, sugar and salt until a homogeneous mass.
2. Add the liquid egg with the milk gradually.
3. Finally, add the remaining ingredients, mixing gently.
4. Complete the appropriate molds and bake at 190ºC. The cooking time depends on the size of the pieces.

Notes to decorate:

To develop the pieces with fruit, add 25-30 gr. freeze dried fruit processed per pound of mass.

Once the pieces are cooked, add a layer of white coverage and once it is cool, cover the pieces with coverage of black chocolate. Tricolor decoration balls with chocolate and buttery caramel.

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