Internet, also an ally of restoration

As we read a few weeks ago in the magazine Hostelmarket, innovations in the catering sector are increasing in recent years. More and more, restaurants use different internet portals and mobile apps to get known and attract more customers. As e-commerce is getting so much weight it is almost impossible that any economic sector ignore it.

Otherwise, the restoration is still a very small volume in comparison with other sectors. The reduced size of the majority of restaurants, not allow them to manage the bookings and orders, and they have to leave these activities to outside companies.

The main allies found on the Internet which are helping restaurants to gain more market and clients are the followings:

1. Bonds and deals. They offer very favorable conditions for users when they accomplish to be a very large group performing the same purchase. An example would be Groupon or the Spanish company Groupalia, two group sales portals that are helping to promote and expand the demand for restaurants that are registered. Others would be: LetsBonus or Offerum.

2. Reservations by Internet. This is another option that offers customers a discount for booking and expands the demand. In Atrápalo, for example, reservations are made directly on the web and restaurants, which are the ones who charge the customers with pre-agreed discounts. Other examples, which are dedicated to the restoration exclusively, are: ElTenedor, Restalo or

3. Home delivery. This option, similar to the previous one, provides online reservation with the possibility of ordering services through Internet, another great field of action of the operators in the network options. An example would be JustEat, a company that began operating in Denmark and after the UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Canada, Norway and finally Spain (since late 2010).

Thus we see that there are alternatives offered by Internet to try and increase the demand. ¿Do we want to innovate?

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