Alls Hallows Eve is getting closer, chestnuts and panellets, do we have any alternatives?

The first of November is Alls Hallows Eve, a day dedicated to the memory of dead people. The nights are long, it gets a little colder, the leaves fall from the trees and nature in general is dead. It is for this reason a time of year that reminds death and in which a variety of cultures, remembering the dead.

The habits during this time are basically two: eating chestnuts and visiting cemeteries.

Panellets are also a custom of this time closely linked to agriculture. As in the case of chestnuts, collected by the farmers and toast at home, they also gathered nuts like almonds and hazelnuts, ingredients that have come to be the basis of panellets.


These candies are delicious, although some people do not like.

For these people, are there any alternatives?


One option, as proposed by Carme Ruscalleda (in her book: “Cuina per llaminers”), is to make them without sugar so that people will not find them so sweet.

Another option for those who do not like panellets, as does Montsec Vallory, a chef specialized in natural food, is to do them with couscous with almonds, cocoa and coconut; ingredients that deviate slightly from the ingredients forming the traditional mass.

There are other options such as bakeries that cater to people who do like but having different food intolerances, as in the case of Miola, a bakery set in Mataro, that makes gluten free panellets, sugar free panallets and dairy free panallets, but with almonds, pine nuts, coconut, coffee, orange, sweet potato and lemon.

So, this day offer thousands of varieties for all your customers to be sure that they will find what they want and what they like.

Good luck.

Let’s innovate!

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