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Eater-tainment, eating has to be an experience

Probably all of you have heard about the importance of the environment of a shop at the time to encourage the consumer to buy. Since some time ago Food Trend Trotters food trends, also talk about another concept to consider: the Eater-tainment, which can be translated as the experience of eating.

The Eater-tainment must satisfy people’s wishes to be surprised, try something new and original, live intensely and get away from the monotony. Basically, it is about creating products that connect with the emotional part of the individual.

Two cases illustrate this concept would be:

cuisine r evolution

Cusine R-evolution sells a kit of products to experience molecular techniques such as gelation, emulsification or spherification with food at home.


1000 Tastes Ltd has created Soundwich, sandwiches that opening the container in which it goes wrapped, sounds a song chosen by the creator and chef of that sandwich.

Like those ones, Food Trends Trotters speaks also about:

  1. Foodtelling or product history, tendency to want to know everything. It’s about creating foods with a message, with a story that makes the consumer feel a connection with the brand. An example could be to explain its recipe or which ingredients it contains.


  1. SuperSense or multisensory experience, tendency to want to have a full experience, which could be covered by creating products that stimulate the five senses. For example, the restaurants you eat in the dark, without light.


  1. Slowcal or responsible and sustainable product, related to the wish to have a quieter, more sustainable and natural life. This would focus on quality products and more sustainable. An example would be the products that indicate their impact on the environment as the ones that show it by the carbon footprint.

tendencias pasteleras

  1. Hereandnow or here and now, tendency to want everything at once. Its important to create products that suit the pace of modern day life and reducing the time to get the product. An example would be the cups that you can connect to a laptop to heat the coffee or this surface that does  the same function but using the iPhone.

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-17 a las 15.19.08

  1. Madesimple or make it simple, tendency to want to simplify and facilitate our lives due to the busy life we lead most individuals. It would be based on creating products that are easy to buy and eat, without complications, to compensate the continued lack of time. An example would be this application that shorten the time and the effort at the time of choosing a product in the supermarket. In this case, only with the mobile home and the bar code, you get the desired information.


  1. MyHealth or personalized health, refers to the trend to give more importance to the welfare and health. It would be solved creating products tailored to the personal needs to achieve a balance between body and mind. For example, Nestlé with this complex for seniors.


  1. Egofood food or expression is the tendency to want to display how someone is through food. Therefore, we should try to create foods to make that part of the society feels identified with. For example the website uFlavor lets the user to create their own drink.

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-17 a las 15.12.44

Easy, right? Well, see what comes to mind ☺

Just say …To innovate!

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